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Safety policy

DISPAPALI's Director demonstrates through this Policy its firm intention to constantly update an Income Management System in accordance with the ISO 22000 standards of food safety foodstuff that can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through the trust in our products.

To do this, it expresses it is fundamental commitment to enhance the Safety of the products that it elaborates based on the following principles:

  • Involve the staff with their participation and commitment in complying with the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide the necessary material and human resources to ensure the safety of the consumables we manufacture.
  • Involve and verify staff in the good practices of hygiene and maintenance of the workplace.
  • Ensure the full satisfaction of our customers, by fulfilling their needs and expectations, giving security to the product within the supply chain in compliance with the HACCP manual.
  • Ensure that the maintenance and cleaning of the facilities meet the requirements of food security.
  • Promote training at all levels in order to have trained and professional staff, making the most of the experience of the available human resources.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that affect DISPAPALI, manufacturing products that meet the quality standards and the HACCP manual as a basic element for the safety of the products we produce.
  • Require our suppliers to apply the safety requirements of the products that DISPAPALI are applicable.

This Safety Policy is developed and concrete in measurable Quality Objectives.

The management, through the Training Plan, will ensure its distribution, understanding and acceptance by all the staff. Consequently, the Policy will be reviewed periodically through the System Review by the management; guaranteeing continuous adaptation.


Dispapali's director
March 2018

20 years

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